Difference between silver nipple shields and silicon nipple shields

One of the most purchased items in recent years by breastfeeding mothers are nipple shields to limit the painful phenomenon of fissures. Latching to the mother’s breast often leads to the formation of small lesions that should not be underestimated: fissures can also lead to bleeding and the pain can be so intense that it it is impossible to breastfeed.

One of the most innovative remedies for breast fissures is the use of nipple covers. On the market there are different types: the most used are the nipple covers in solid 925 Silverette the original.
However, there are special silicone nipple shields on sale that have a different use than those in silver.

Nipple shields in silicone

Nipple shields are small devices that simulate the shape of the nipples and can be applied to the nipples to facilitate breastfeeding in the presence of certain complications.
Unlike the silver nipple shields that are used between feedings, the silicone nipple shields are used during breastfeeding, and are used to help the baby when it is difficult to latch onto the breast correctly. They should therefore only be used for a short time, until the baby is able to latch onto the mother’s breast properly in a natural way.

Silverette the original solid silver nipple shields

The silver nipple shields, on the other hand, serve to protect the breast and create an ideal environment for the well-being of the nipple and areola, in order to avoid the onset of fissures that could form during breastfeeding. They are applied under the bra and removed when feeding begins. They are nickel-free, hygienic and do not leave substances on the nipple that could harm the baby.