Payment methods

1) Cash on delivery: Pay on cash or with your debit / credit card upon delivery (extra fee = 3€) – ONLY FOR GREECE

The products are sent with the cooperating courier companies ( ACS ) and you pay the price upon receipt.

2) Via Paypal

Online payment by credit card is made through the SSL security system that ensures the encryption of your bank details when they are transmitted over the network. All payments made on our Website are verified and evaluated by the Paypal Payment Institution. For all your transactions on our Website, you are insured by Paypal Payment Institution.

3) Deposit in a Bank Account

If you can not be at home, you can pay for your order through a bank account. You should contact the ordering department of , to verify that all products are available, before making the deposit to the following account. For your best service, please provide the bank with your Name and Order Number as a reason. Then please send the proof of deposit by e-mail to 

The bank account where you can deposit the money is:


Holder: Dimitra Koutoumanou 


IBAN: GR8101719080006908154681021



Holder: Dimitra Koutoumanou 


IBAN: GR9001101430000014300643948


4) Via Viva wallet

Pay using more than 30 methods (credit or debit cards, paypal, bank deposit, digital wallets, local payment methods and more)



PCI Compliance

With PCI DSS Level 1 compliance status, we adhere to payment security standards and help protect customer data.

As a fully compliant PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and a Visa and MasterCard Master Member and Authorized Clearer, Viva Wallet complies with the operating regulations of the card schemes. We are also subject to annual audits by a PCI Qualified Security assessor, Visa, MasterCard and the banks it works with.


Dynamic CVV Technology

Dynamic CVV has become a key weapon against malicious trading

Instead of using a fixed three or four digit code on the back of the card, Dynamic CVV technology generates a new code periodically. When a customer is ready to start a transaction, they will receive an SMS or email with a unique CVV. The unique code expires after checkout or within the next few hours.


Biometric security

Integrating biometrics into our payment solution adds an extra layer of security

Microsoft’s facial recognition technologies provide a robust and reliable face verification service. By adding this extra layer of security, we ensure that payments are made by the expected people, minimizing fraud in Card-Not-Present transactions.


Information Security

We focus on all aspects of information security in our systems, services and data. We are expanding compliance requirements to deliver a maximum level of security, resilience and trust

Our infrastructure implements multiple layers of protection, using industry-accepted mechanisms and best practices to ensure we provide:

  • Availability: cloud infrastructure with DDOS protection, load balancing and DR configurations.
  • Confidentiality: HTTPS and point-to-point encryption, use of certified hardware security modules, strict key management controls and real-time fraud detection.
  • Integrity: Fingerprint transactions, database backup, access control and code review process.



Tokenization is an important technology service that shapes how merchants accept payments and use payment data

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive data. In the payments sector, it is used to protect the card’s PAN by replacing it with a unique sequence of numbers that cannot be used to make transactions.


AI-based anti-fraud algorithm

An integrated AI-powered risk management system that integrates directly into our payment platform

AI-powered fraud detection technology is informed by every transaction in real-time and can predict malicious attacks before they even happen, resulting in a 70% reduction in fraud while increasing conversion rates by 35%. Trace results are completely transparent so you can understand exactly why a transaction was blocked or accepted.


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